Life Coaching for Dancers

Life Coaching for Dancers (and their families)
Creating Your Individual Plan
Setting Goals, Making Choices and Facing Challenges

Learning new choreography is a process.  First you are taught the steps and combinations.  After many rehearsals, hard work, and fine tuning, you are ready to be a part of the magic that occurs when the curtain rises and the performance begins.  And when that performance ends…another opportunity begins.

Life happens…things happen…and (hopefully) you learn to adjust and move to your next performance. The next opportunity.

Life Coaching for Dancers (and their families) offers support during the many transitions and challenges that present themselves.  There are certain conceptions and misconceptions that face both dancers and their families as they embark upon this journey. This is a place that is away from the studio where you can talk about your dreams and set realistic goals as you face your individual challenges in the world of dance. Once you have an awareness of what is real and attainable, you can move forward:

  • Defining and/or redefining your long and short term  goals
  • Navigating your individual path through research, preparation and action
  • Learning what to expect and how you can best prepare for this remarkable journey
  • Learning to define and set realistic and approachable personal goals
  • Reminding yourself to keep the love of dance in your heart

Anna Pepper holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and certificates in Positive Psychology and Foundations for Life Coaching.  Ms. Pepper worked in private practice in Los Angeles after leaving a 14 year professional career in the arts and entertainment industry (New York and Los Angeles).  Although she is not a dancer, she has spent many years around dancers and their nurturers.  She has a deep love and respect for dancers, their dreams, and all of the dream catchers that nurture them.

Ms. Pepper is currently coaching individual dancers in different stages of their development as well as holding workshops on this topic. She also coaches other areas of life transition at her office in Chapel Hill, NC.