About Coaching

In coaching we will work together to help define your short term, mid range and long-term goals.  We will collaborate and co-create action based, motivational steps that will help you define and move towards your goals.  I will help you to identify your inner core strengths and to utilize those strengths to help you move forward through change and to enhance your life in the present as you look towards a better future.

We will identify and implement your own personal character strengths.  And, we will utilize those strengths as you approach and face your challenges.  Together, we will set realistic goals towards your transition into the transformation that you desire.

I fully believe that coaching is a viable, resourceful and effective means to getting “unstuck” and move forward to a more fulfilling life.

My Life Coach training is with MentorCoach, LLC.  This program is geared to professionals.  It incorporates the methods of Positive Psychology, goal setting and action based motivational skills.  It is not Psychotherapy or Consultancy.  Here are the differences:

1.  Goal: Diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders/problems.
2.  Focus of conversation: feelings, emotions, mood and thoughts (primarily negative ones).
3.  Solutions: Exploration of patient’s past relationships, childhood events/trauma.
4.  Relationship: Doctor or Therapist/patient.

1.  Goal: Delivery of unilateral instruction/solution by an outside expert.
2.  Focus of conversation: predetermined, step-by- step instructions for solving problems.
3.  Solutions: Knowledge and expertise provided by an outsider to be followed.
4.  Relationship: Expert/novice

1.  Goal: Clarification and realization of client’s hopes and dreams for his/her life.
2.  Focus of conversation: Exploration of action steps/behaviors that will help client to get closer to goals/dreams.
3.  Solutions: Naturally arise from client’s wisdom/intuition. Using the client’s own personal character strengths.
4.  Relationship: Team/collaboration between equals.